Background to the guidance

The Early Years Sector Coalition was disappointed with the government’s new non-statutory guidance for the EYFS (read our statement) and therefore propose to work with the sector over the next six months to develop guidance for the sector, by the sector, which we are calling Birth to Five Matters.  

This is an opportunity to revise existing guidance to develop an evidence-informed document for our times that addresses practitioners’ needs and concerns about doing what is best for children.  Priorities are likely to include children’s wellbeing and key skills and knowledge for every child growing up in the 21st century such as digital literacy, sustainability and citizenship. 

The process of developing the guidance will give practitioners opportunities for active involvement in producing guidance and resources that support practice, that reflect their pedagogic principles and that bring together research and practice knowledge.

Members of the coalition will keep their members informed about the process and how to get involved, or you can sign up to get updates about Birth to Five Matters direct to your inbox.