Communication and language resources

‘Serve and return’ interaction, video from Harvard Centre on the Developing Child

Case studies of practice

Series of identifiable stages

Importance of the early years, video

Supporting Speech and Language fact sheet, The Communications Trust

Speech sounds fact sheet

Early Communication and Language – Listen to my idea! Nancy Stewart, book chapter

Parents’ resources, The Communication Trust

Playful interactions, videos and activities – BBC Tiny Happy People

Activities and support materialsWords for Life. org

Musical Development Matters in the Early Years (MDM): A free downloadable guidance written to support the development of music practice and provision in settings

Musical Development Matters (MDM): free online resource to accompany the MDM guidance: videos, questions for reflection, research, information and downloadable resources

Songs, rhymes and finger play pamphlet, Froebel

Evidence Briefing – How can our responses to babies’ gestures help with their language development?

Evidence Briefing – Quantity vs. Quality of child-directed speech: what matters most?

Evidence Briefing – How does shared book reading help boost child language development?

Closing the word gap, article

English as an additional language

Guidance: Brown’s Stages of Syntactic and Morphological Development

Talking with parents about children’s SCL Needs, video

Makaton information, resources and guidance