How the guidance is being developed

Our aim is for this to be “guidance by the sector, for the sector”, so throughout the process of developing the guidance, there will be opportunities for practitioners to be involved in drafting and commenting:

  • October 2020 – initial consultation with the sector on the preferred content and format for the guidance – read a report of the feedback and the actions arising from it
  • November 2020 – working groups are assigned to draft sections of the new guidance, which are collated and edited by the project team
  • December 2020 – sector consultation on the first draft of the guidance
  • January 2021 – working groups and the project team review the feedback on the first draft and incorporate it into the second draft
  • February 2021 – sector consultation on the second draft of the guidance
  • March 2021 – working groups and project team incorporate further feedback into the final version of the guidance, to be published at end March 2021.