The Early Years Coalition

Early Education has 900 individual members and 400 organisational members with multiple practitioner contacts

The Early Years Alliance has 14,000 members

The National Day Nurseries Association (NDNA) represents 60,000 practitioners

The National Education Union represents 450,000 members

Keeping Early Years Unique (KEYU) represents 47,000 practitioners, leaders, parents/carers, lecturers, advisors, consultants. 

Early Childhood Studies Degrees Network (ECSDN) represents HE institutions which deliver Early Childhood Studies degrees and their equivalent to 20,000 students

TACTYC: The Association for Professional Development in Early Years has over 160 individual members and a reach of 21,000+ website national and international visitors.

Sector Endorsed Foundation Degrees in Early Years Professional Association (SEFDEY) represents c.1000 staff and students across 70 institutions

The Froebel Trust has over 1,000 associates

Montessori St Nicholas represents 4,700 Montessori teachers

Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship represents 500 Early Childhood practitioners

British Early Childhood Education Research Association (BECERA) reaches several hundred early years researchers and practitioners

The Early Childhood Forum (ECF) has 21 member organisations each of which has hundreds, some thousands of members (some of which are also members of the Coalition)

Sightlines Initiative has 350 subscribers and a regional network


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